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"Oh I can't stop drinking The Coffee...I stop drinking Coffee I stop doing the standing & walking & the word's~putting~into~Sentence Doing!"

This whimsical tote bag with a Gilmore Girls quote and yellow daises would surely be Lorelai approved!

I think this is how most offices operate. Type by @novia_jonatan - #typegang - free fonts at typegang.com | typegang.com #typegang #typography

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A font decorative like this for the title since strawberries stand for love, rebirth, and spring, etc.

fika - drinking coffee along with eating something sweet

fika (Swedish custom) - drinking coffee (or tea) along with eating something sweet (traditionally a cinnamon bun)

http://agitare-kurzartikel.blogspot.com/2012/06/franz-bauer-organo-gold-kennen-sie.html  coffee......

Illustration of Transparent coffee cup made of various coffee captions. vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

Only Deco Love: Cold Coffee with frozen coffee ice cubes. Well this does look very Copenhagen, doesn't it?

Just when we thought autumn was in full swing , summer made a come back. Cold coffee it is then! Tip : fill a glass with milk then d.

for any of you who are having a rough day here's a horrible pun ta lighten it :-D

How do you feel when there is no coffee? Depresso Post by beesmoove on Boldomatic (quote, text, wisdom)