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"If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front" tells you how a man who has set an empty building on fire can be considered a "terrorist" by the US government. #3 in my current Feature Documentary rankings.

Monsieur Lazhar. French-Canadian film released in US in Apr 2012. Submitted as nominee for Academy Awards in foreign film category. About Algerian immigrant teacher who takes over a classroom after the teacher commits suicide.

The 3rd installment in the docu-triolgy of the story of the "West Memphis 3". It is absolutely amazing what the filmmakers were able to accomplish with this series of films. The fact this film had 2 predecessors, its chances at an Oscar may have been ruined.

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También la lluvia (2010)

Tambien la Lluvia...Even the Rain. One of the best movies I've seen lately!!!

"Le goût des autres" (The Taste of Others) is a 2000 French film. It was directed by Agnès Jaoui.

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Du cirque au théâtre, de l'anonymat à la gloire, l'incroyable destin du clown Chocolat, premier artiste noir de la scène française. Le duo inédit qu'il forme avec Footit, va rencontrer un immense succès populaire dans le Paris de la Belle époque avan...

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In Darkness

In Darkness as based on true story about a Polish man during the WW2, saves lives of several Jews by hiding them in the tunnels where he works. The movie was filmed with three different languages, Yiddish, Polish and German but in any language, the raw emotion came through. The movie is not Schindler's List level but certainly worth watching, if not for the film value but for historical content.