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How to Raise Jersey Cows

The majority of milk cows in the United States are the black and white Holstein cows. Other common breeds include Jersey, Brown Swiss and Ayrshires.

Home Dairy 101: Cow vs. Goat

Cow VS Goat: Which one is right for YOUR homestead? I like this post because it weighs out the pros and cons of each. #cow #goat #homedairy

Mini Jersey cow. They are actually the original size of Jerseys. The larger ones were bred to be bigger for the dairy industry.

Milking cow, everything from how much time it takes to take care of a cow, what breed to choose, feeding, housing, storage, milking, breeding, health care.

Five things you need on hand for when your family cow calves. Preparing for calving is easy and one thing to put your mind at ease.

A home dairy cow can provide you with all the milk, butter, yogurt, and cheese that your family could want.