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OUTFIT! vintage top with lace detail, redesigned skirt by Community Service, vintage lace-up boots, shades, and a leather clutch

OUTFIT! Redesigned vintage skirt by Community Service, vintage gold bodysuit, vintage necklace and boots.

OUTFIT! Vintage silk Tee, a redesigned floral skirt by Community Service, woven leather flats, and a Coach bag.

OUTFIT! Redesigned vintage velvet coat by Community Service, with lace-up boots and a vintage camera.

OUTFIT! Redesigned gift print top and leather shorts by Community Service, vintage cardigan, studded flats, with earrings and cuff by Laurel Hill.

OUTFIT! A redesigned silk dress by Community Service, studded flats, vintage earrings and a skinny belt.

OUTFIT! Redesigned silk shirt by Community Service, black leggings, vintage hat, bag, and boots.

Redesigned vintage dress by Community Service, vintage suede boots and felt hat, and a Rhys May necklace.

OUTFIT! A redesigned linen shirt and white cut-offs by Community Service, vintage shades, a tapestry bag and a necklace by Cinnabar Lounge.

OUTFIT! Black and white vintage dress, vintage biker leather jacket and platform boots, chainmail necklace and redesigned sweater hat by Community Service.