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OUTFIT! vintage top with lace detail, redesigned skirt by Community Service, vintage lace-up boots, shades, and a leather clutch

OUTFIT! Redesigned gift print top and leather shorts by Community Service, vintage cardigan, studded flats, with earrings and cuff by Laurel Hill.

OUTFIT! Sequined sweater, redesigned vintage rose print skirt by Community Service, wedge heel boots, a vintage knit hat, and a silverware bracelet by Argyle & Foundry.

OUTFIT! Redesigned scarf-print tie-front shirt by Community Service, vintage shorts, metallic ballet flats, and a vintage brass bracelet.

OUTFIT! Tan short sleeve blouse, vintage Alpaca cardigan, redesigned vintage denim skirt by Community Service, vintage clutch and loafers, and a Laurel Hill necklace.

OUTFIT! A vintage denim overall dress, a floral crop top by Community Service, shades, a leather bag, and raspberry woven leather flats.