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Drugs in Pregnancy Statistics - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

#INFOgraphic > Drugs in Pregnancy Statistics: People from 12 Palm Recovery Center present with this nifty video adaptation of their primary static infographic the brutal picture of American pregnants addicted to drug abuse and the detrimental consequences of drug and alcohol intake during pregnancy both for moms and the newborns. >

Pregnancy Defect Infographics : Infographic 12 Palms Recovery

7 Deadliest Drug Combinations. Use this article to show your students that drugs and alcohol don't mix - 4 of the 7 deadliest drug combinations involve alcohol!! I have a great interactive lesson/activity on narcotics that addresses drug interactions at:

Your Baby’s Brain on Drugs Obviously, exposure to drugs prenatally is bad for a baby’s brain. A baby’s brain is growing and developing while you are pregnant, so when drugs are introduced, it can disrupt this growth. The amount of disruption depends on how much you use, how often, and at what point during the pregnancy the baby is exposed to drugs #drugs #infant #baby #addiction #fetalalcoholsyndrome #fas #brain