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New internet meme... post your home screen. You can probably tell a lot about a person based on how they arrange their iphone home screen. Hold down home button + power button momentarily to take screenshot. Hmm I like

Probably the best iPhone camera attachment available for live-posting bird photos. Weighs about 17.8 pounds with optional cat. Hmm I like

Original iPhone 8GB, iPhone 3G 16GB and iPhone 4 32GB. New version with iPhone 5: [] Hmm I like

The first generation iPhone (2g), the third generation iPhone (3GS), and the fourth generation iPhone (4). The straight edges of the face of the iPhone 4 give the illusion of a larger black bezel around the screen, notably above and below the screen. Hmm I like

初代iPhoneからiPhone 5まで。iPhone 5の実機はいい感じ。薄くて軽い。シミュレータでは分からない感覚的な部分がいい。ディスプレイが長くなっても親指がちゃんと届く。 Hmm I like