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TOWSER - a bloodhound who lives at Withermarsh. One night he gets a message from a dog that 15 puppies were stolen by Jasper and Horace Cruella's henchmen.

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COLLIE - After the Dalmatians escape from Horace and Jasper, they are lost in a snowstorm. They are found by the Collie who tells Pongo that they have shelter for them in a dairy farm. The Collie leads them to the farm where he brings food for Pongo and Perdita while the dairy cows feed the puppies. He informs them that they should head to Dinsford next where there is a Labrador whose owner is a grocer. He then goes outside to guard the door in case Horace and Jasper appear.

DANNY - He is a brown Great Dane who lives in Hampstead with a smaller zany terrier named Scottie. When their 15 puppies are stolen by Horace and Jasper, Pongo and Perdita decide to use the Twilight Bark to ask for help from the other dogs of London. Danny is the first one who heard Pongo. He decides to help them and manages to spread the news, and the news reaches to his friend Towser. When he is informed about the puppies location probably from Towser,

As promised, I completed the pattern and directions for our Puppy Dog Doorstop, Horace. Although I love the Kitty Cat Doorstop, Jasper, I’m a dog person, and this little guy just tickles my fancy! In the directions I included the felt and embroidery floss colors I used, but go wild with your own interpretation! …

Horace is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Dog in Tulsa, OK. Horace is a male, black and white pit bull/shar pei mix puppy. Horaces estimated date of birth is February 11, 2013. Horace and his two sibli...

Horace is an adoptable Terrier Dog in Ottawa, KS. Meet Horace! This guy is super cute...he will be available for adoption on 8/2/12. All puppies and dogs are as up to date as possible on all of their ...

meeting horace the puppy

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