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"You know, I know I'm not normal. And I'm okay; I sort of embrace that." I'd love to embrace you, Jeremy Renner. :)

William Brandt (Jeremy Renner): [after getting out of a giant fan] "That's it. Next time, I get to seduce the rich guy." -- from Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) directed by Brad Bird

"Her brother, Clint, would tease her when she got in trouble. He was more easygoing and friendly than she was… more trusting. He and she teased each other mercilessly and fought like cats and dogs, but, when the situation warranted it, Clint rose to the challenge to protect his younger sister… no matter the cost. Even if it meant a black eye from a playground bully who had teased Christina." - Clint Barton, "The Unexpected by @Micah G . Aww! Look at Clint! Being all protective, even as a…

Jeremy Renner--It's the sad part of IM4. That I still get sad is just a testament to JLR's acting. :)

OK, not from The Avengers, but still epic!~~~ITS FROM THE BOURNE LEGACY, DUDE!!!

The Avengers Press Conference(2012) - jeremy-renner Photo