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My thoughts are with the protestors. Keep it peaceful and send a message that will reverberate around the world.

BIVI system by Turnstone for therapist offices: I love the built in couch and desk features. it provides variety within a central framework which is really cool

One of the closest hotel/motel for visitors to SMU was the super-cool-looking Holiday Inn, which was down Central, just past Fitzhugh, Dallas, Texas. Advertisement circa 1965

Not suggesting we copy but elements are pretty cool, and just interesting to see what other units produce.

Most beautiful mutation…

Most beautiful mutation…

from Cool Material

LG Just Made The Best-Looking Air Conditioner Ever

LG Just Made The Best-Looking Air Conditioner Ever. The slim unit is mounted on a wall and requires no plumbing lines (this is accomplished by either science or magic). The air conditioner also features LED lighting that changes to inform you whether it’s cooling or heating and can be adjusted to suit your mood. The unit operates extremely quietly and dispenses air in three different directions for a more natural feel than a straight blast of air.

Lynda Olsen green eye with Central heterochromia. Iridium Heterochromia

from Redbubble

Taped Skull Cartoon | Unisex T-Shirt

A cartoonic skull with a cross on his mouth. It the meaning of this symbol is various, protest, opression or it just looks cool.

Not everything is about you sea cow. When you take a screenshot of this make sure you get my good side stalker.