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People often ask me questions that I cannot very well answer in words, and it makes me sad to think they are unable to hear the voice of my silence. ~Inayat Khan ♥ Rito Painting “Power of Wisdom” by LindaAppleArt

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Silenced.... | Unisex T-Shirt

♥ silenced

What's for Lunch? CBS Sunday Morning Show Sun Art oil painting by LindaAppleArt

LISTEN to your own voice your OWN soul TOO MANY people listen to the NOISE of the world INSTEAD of themselves. #quote #wordsofwisdom

llustration taken from "Baby Dear" - by Esther Wilkin, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Golden Press, Wisconsin, 1962.

Karin Jurick - Sashalea Beach - I like Ms. Jurick's style and appreciate her penchant for foreshortening. I may copy the technique she uses for the sand at Sashalea Beach.