Are you seeking a place for your tiny house? Complete the form below to have your desired spot added to the map - it's free! Or browse the map of communities and parking places. If you contact a listing and the person does not reply to you within three days, please let me know and I&#

This map shows tiny house parking available in backyards, RV parks, and tiny house communities. It's provided as a service to help tiny house dwellers and land owners & communities find each other. Complete the form below to have your community or available parking spot added to the map -

Tiny House Places—links to short-term and permanent tiny house sites.

Tiny house fever is sweeping the nation, and the cost savings can be huge. But, watch out for these hidden costs when considering tiny house living.

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Tiny House, Meet Roving Caravan: Olympia's Zyl Vardos - Taking design inspiration from drops of dew, fortune cookies and Noah's ark, carpenter Abel Zimmerman Zyl pounds artistic whimsy into every inch of his tiny house caravans.

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