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Flow charts are wonderful for mapping processes for machines, as they lay out a sequence of binary decisions, meaning yes or no. When you think about it, most of what we do in life is also based on yes/no decisions -you just have to break the problem down into small pieces to see that clearly. In these flow charts, we see how life choices can be broken down into a set of binary decisions taken to a ridiculous degree. 1. Should I

10 Funny and Fabulous Flowcharts

Should I text him? How to play things right. Love tips, dating advice for women, relationships

Date Texting Etiquette Flow Chart Texting and dating. The simple decisions for this landmine are made easy with the texting etiquette flow chart - 10 Interesting and Fun Flow Charts as Infographics

A Taxonomy of Shit:  "Shit" is a fairly versatile word. It can be used to refer to fecal matter, express apathy, or refer to that stuff you need to get together. Having trouble telling your hot shit from your holy shit? Stephen Wildish has helpfully classified all your shit in one handy chart.

Chart outlines the myriad ways we use the word "Shit"

UK-based graphic designer Stephen Wildish has created a clever / funny flow chart titled A Taxonomy of Shit that groups the word "shit", and how it is used

A Flowchart to Determine What Religion You Should Follow

Choose your religion with this handy dandy flow chart! (not exactly accurate, but its a funny idea!

'too early to tune into election' (flowchart)

'too early to tune into election' (flowchart)

What Deserves Your Attention Today?

Should you pay attention to the royal wedding? Well that depends. :) by dylan c. lathrop anne friedman for good.