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Untamed by S.C. Stephens - Pre-order Promo Untamed S.C. STEPHENS The second thrilling title in the Thoughtless series Published by Sphere an imprint of Little Brown 3rd November 2015 | Paperback Original | eBook | 8.99 The spotlight doesnt only shine. Sometimes it burns. Being the bad-boy bassist for the worlds hottest band has earned Griffin Hancock some perks: a big house a fast car and most importantly his incredible wife Anna. The one thing it hasnt brought him is the spotlight…

Neon Trees - Animal I love this band and I never get tired of this song, ever. It's my go to for happy music.

Weightless - All Time Low - Just recently found this song thanks to Slacker and jeez is it stuck in my head. I love everything about it. I particularly relate hard to the chorus because damned if I haven't been thinking about how I've changed everything in the space of days and how it was the best thing I've ever waited for. I'm tired of dreaming about how it could be and this song speaks to that. Enjoy it. Rock it. Love it. Don't let the minutes pass you by because you are afraid.

"If you work yourself physically to the point of near exhaustion, you're too tired to be depressed, and that may be one of the reasons I've done it my whole life. Your mind is not on overdrive – it doesn't have the energy to start looking for trouble in the weeds. Instead it's a very mind-clearing, centering experience, and you don't have the kind of space that depression thrives in."

I disabled the comments cause I'm sick of yall bitching about religion! BELIEVE WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO BELIEVE! After Forever Have you ever thought about your soul - can it be saved? Or perhaps you think that when you're dead you just stay in your grave Is God just a thought within your head or is he a part of you? Is Christ just a name that ...

Bob Seger -RARE Against The Wind Live 1st time played at a concert!!!!! sound is not perfect but the video ROCKS!!!

Aerials, so up high, when you free your eyes, ETERNAL prize. ~mornings of racquetball...beachruns...& swimming in the Gulf

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