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This Memorial day, as we remember all who sacrificed for us, let us cyclists also remember the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps at Fort Missoula, Montana, back in 1896. Those are the Buffalo Soldiers you see up there, at Yellowstone. This infantry was established to see if bikes could work for military purposes in mountainous terrain.

from The BSA & Military Bicycle Museum

Military Cyclists Journal

Military Cyclists

The Daily Bike: an incredibly moving story of an Iraq veteran's life-saving connection to his bike.

So many bags… you could hold everything! revasiwik: Vintage bicycles for sale by Bikes To Remember on Flickr. Anyone for a bicycle?Via Flickr: Swiss army bicycle all bags on it. Brand: Condor

Early Dutch Folding bicycle 1900s This photo "Exercising at the obstacle course" will be made around 1902. The militia men are wearing parts of a new uniform, introduced in 1900. At left you can see prove that the Dutch Infantry used folding bicycles; allthough officially those bikes were never introduced in the Dutch Army. The bicycle is a Burgers or a Simplex. The Dutch Infantry tested bikes of both brands intensive in the 1900s. The Burgers fold

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