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Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (1945-1950) Mandatory Credit: Photo by CSU Archives / Everett Collection / Rex Features ( 706314A ) Nobel Prize winning author Alexander Solzhenitsyn during the Gulag years 1945-1950. His most famous work, the Gulag Archipelago detailed the brutalities of the Stalinist regime in Russia and forced him into exile for 20 years until he returned to Russia after the fall of communism.

Zitkala-Sa, 1898 by Gertrude Käsebier (1852-1934) :: She was a beautiful Yankton Sioux woman of Native American & white mixed ancestry. She was well educated and went on to become an accomplished author, musician, composer and later went on to work for the reform of Indian policies in the United States.

Charles Dickens, London, ca.1850 [565 × 758] • In my mind I always picture Dickens as a chubby short man. Nothing is further from the truth!