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These new centrum vita chews are great! I love the size and shape and the minty taste. #CentrumVitaMints got these free from smiley !!!

These are #CentrumVitamints I received these from @smiley360 free to test out, you don't have to take water with these vitamints and these are mint flavored they are not "MINTS", so if you wanted to start taking vitamins everyday this new vitamin makes that much easier to do, because you just chew them up and thats it, you don't have to worry about them getting stuck in the back of your throat like regular vitamin PILLS do sometimes, go grab a free sample at the Centrum website.

Centrum VitaMints are a cool supplement for those who don't care for regular vitamins. These chewable vitamins are easier for adults who have issues with swallowing, yet have a cool minty taste to make them a great alternative. I got the #FreeSample for this #CentrumVitaMints experience, and can honestly say I prefer the Wintergreen flavor.

Try Centrum Vita Mints. They are a great tasting way to get your daily vitamins. I received my free sample from Smiley 360 in exchange for my review. #CentrumVitaMints

Centrum Vitamints,#CentrumVitaMints These are perfect on the go Vitamins! ***I did receive this product at a discount or complimentary in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. However, all of my reviews are my own thoughts and my own opinions and if I don’t believe in the product and use it myself then I will not provide a positive review. ***

Essential nutrients you enjoy like a mint! Click here for a free sample of #CentrumVitaMints This was a very good product to try and I am grateful to @smiley360 for the opportunity as well as #Centrum to give this product a try for free. It is a product I will definitely buy again. It was refreshing and not at all left a vitamin taste in my mouth.