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Paintings of the Jin and Tang Dynasties - China culture AD 317 - 907 Yan Liben, Wu Daozi, Han Gan, Han Huang,

Glazed terracotta sculpture of a Fu Dog, circa: 1368-1644 AD, Ming Dynasty. The Fu Dog, or Fu Lion as it is also known, is a ubiquitous symbol that has been employed repeatedly throughout the history of China. Sometimes referred to as the “Dog of Happiness” or the “Celestial Dog,” the earliest traces of the Fu Dog in China date to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.). Then it disappeared from Chinese art until it was resurrected during the cultural revival experienced during the T’ang…

Hoejang jeogori (jacket with the colorful strips of cloth) and sran chima (trailing skirt). Unearthed from a tomb of the Cheongju Han Family. Mid-16th Century