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FrankContrepois.com is about living a life where changes are opportunities and crises do not stack up. Overcoming a crisis is the fastest way to improve. It’s how we survived as a specie, a crisis will make your body generate the right hormones (like adrenaline) that will push your brain and body to evolve, resulting in a better YOU. […]

Prompt: when you cross the bridge you arrive in a mysterious town. Describe the character traits of three people your run into and discuss their role in the town.

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I came to the conclusion that there are only two type of persons in a company:

I want to ensure my blog does the best possible job in helping you. So I need to know more about you! To do that I’ve create the 2015 reader survey Please take some time to fill the survey. By doing so you’ll be helping yourself. Because I’ll be able to create content more interesting and relevant […]

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