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Explore War Saratoga, Saratoga Marked and more!

Monica Crowley on Hannity: ‘We’re in a Holy War whether we like it or not’ Average American need to understand this!

La verdadera razón por la quite este cabrón no puede hablar y zumba al respirar jajajaja

On March 16, SAFE Act protesters gathered in Saratoga, New York and burned "nearly a thousand gun registration forms."

The 11 Absolute Weirdest True Facts About The French Revolution

Lafayette a French Nobleman, came to America and advised General Washington during the American Revolution. With a functioning republic in place in America he took his enthusiasm back to France and became a major leader of the French Revolution.

1870s VICTORIAN KITCHEN. "A life, the major part of which is spent in sweeping, that the dust may re-settle; in washing, that clothes may be again worn and soiled; in cooking, that the food prepared may be consumed; in cleansing plates and dishes, to put back upon the table that they may return..." Marion Harland, 1875.