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3D OB VAN Telegenic from High Wycombe, UK, just wins the deal to build BSkyB first 3D OB van. The new OB van will be used to handle stereoscopic production with up to seven dedicated 3D camera rigs, most probably provided by 3ality, CA,USA.

GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED 3D Sky 3D (UK) is broadcasting the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 3D as part of a technology collaboration with Sony. The satellite broadcaster teamed up with consumer electronics giant Sony to film the showpiece motoring event in high definition 3D for the first time. Coverage will go to air early this sunday afternoon at 3pm  on the Sky 3D channel, Europe's first channel dedicated to just 3D programming.

CONSUMERS WANT 3D CABLE TV A survey by Quixel Research found that while consumer interest in 3D devices was high, what they really wanted was 3D from their cable provider. The second annual 3D study, which was conducted by Quixel Research, surveyed 1,000 HDTV owners online to quantify as well as qualify their opinions on 3D technology. According to the survey, “those who have seen a 3D movie in the 12 months are interested in owning a 3D TV even if ...

THE 3D@HOME CONSORTIUM This unavoidable consortium regroups all parties involved in sending 3D movies directly to the end-user TV set. The 3D@Home Consortium was formed in 2008 with the mission to speed the commercialization of 3D into homes worldwide and provide the best possible viewing experience by facilitating the development of standards, roadmaps and education for the entire 3D industry - from content, hardware and software providers to consumers.

SKY 3D GOES ON AIR ON 1 OCTOBER 2010 We're excited to tell you that Sky 3D, Europe's first ever 3D channel, launches on 1 October. You could be one of the first to experience the 3D TV revolution and enjoy some of the best movies, sports and entertainment in amazing 3D from the comfort of your living room.

Technical details EMF used 5 3D camera rigs: 4 Microfilms rigs, 1 Side-by-side rig, 5 MPE 200 + Sony quality checker, and Black Magic VC100 2D to 3D conversion. EMF used the EMG 3D add-on truck which allows to produce 3D with any HD mobile unit of theirEuropean fleet. It was the first game that was broadcast simultaneously in 2D and 3D for Nova sports.

SATELLITE 3D CHANNELS 3D content is not so easy to find but your best chance to find interesting 3D stereoscopic content may be to scan all available 3D channels available on the various satellites visible from where you are. The list of all 3D channels available in Europe is maintained by KingOfSat.

SKY 3D PUB FINDER Sky 3D launches this weekend in the UK. Sky 3D is being rolled out to pubs and bars across UK on Saturday 3 April 2010. The new 3D channel will be visible in many locations. If you don't know were is the closest, check Skysports and their Sky 3D pub finder here (but not before 3 April 2010).

TESTEZ LA 3D! EN FRANCE LE 19 FÉVRIER French stereoscopy fans, wake up early on Sunday February 19, 2012! ARTE (France) is organizing its first "3D Day". The highlight of the day will be the spectacular 90-minutes documentary "La france entre ciel et mer", a 1,600 km (1,000 miles) helicopter flight above the French coast. The 3D stereoscopic show will be visible on the 3D channel offered by Orange (canal 333) and Numericable (Ma chaine 3D).

3D CHRISTMAS ON BBC On Christmas day (December 25, 2012) at 02:10pm, UK 3DTVs will be delighted with the dramatic stereoscopic Planet Dinosaur 3D: UIltimate Killers, made by BBC Science, followed by The Queen's Speech that will be broadcast in stereoscopic 3D for the first time, at 3pm on Christmas Day. Both will be available on the BBC HD Channel. Don’t forget to set your TV to "Side by Side" mode!