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Explore Zombie Deer, Beware Zombie and more!

For those who love the outdoors and being closer to nature, deer hunting is an excellent activity to jump into. Beginners, however, can often be a little intimidated by the weapon and the process o…

Make your yard a Prepper's Yard

I have a yard peppered with wild edibles and medicinal plants. Wild animals, like herds of deer, come to graze in my yard. This is my Prepper's Yard!

redneck zombie fortress. i'm pretty sure the zombie would eventually figure out how to climb the ladder. FAIL.

Tick Removal with a wet q tip / cotton swab / some recommend adding liquid dis soap to the swab.

Interview With Stephen Pressfield

Trees can be a man's best friend in a survival scenario. Learn the survival uses for bark, leaves, and more.