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The Warp and the Weft -- French General A map of their travels in France. Brilliant memory keeping!! <3

from Martha Stewart

Darcy's Frames and Scrapboxes

I have boxes of travel souvenir/stuff that I have been meaning to make scrapbooks with for years! This seems like a way easier/low effort alternative that won't collect dust on a bookshelf. #marthastewart

Detail from installation of birds and diamond embroidered on an old map of London. From London Art Fair 2008


OUT TO SEA Embroidery PDF Patterns

be still 3

Silhouette from map- I'd love to see if I could fit Poland and Lebanon within my noggin

~embroidery stitches~Good list of stitches to learn/know

Treasure Map Project by jackieocean. Materials used: plain white printer paper, ink, watercolor, a little bit of watered down gold acrylic paint, water, and coffee grounds.

Get that French knot exactly where you want it.

Get that French knot exactly where you want it.