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Aww poor baby hazza im here for you

baby you light up my world like nobody else♥

This makes me so sad! JUST STOP!!!!!!! NO ONE SHOULD BE BULLIED. And as much as I dislike Taylor swift, I stil respect her as a human so she shouldn't be sent hate either...god I can't believe I just defended Tay Swift cuz she stole my hazza but seriously you guys are horrible say u dated one of the boys would u want all this shitload of hate!?! get a damn life and get over yourself Eleanor, Dani, Perrie, and even Taylor are gorgeous women with FEELINGS! they DONT deserve hate EVER

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Cassiopeia on

Haylor in Utah today...I was so hoping that this wasn't real.

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the gay one on

*Life of a directioner* This is soooo accurate ~Bianca


UpToDate1D on

Niall's all cool with his stunna shades. Zayn's admiring Liam. Liam's being adorable.

Through the years.... This picture is EPIC

does this legit exist!?!?!? perfection. boom. they're meant to be together forever and ever and ever!!!!

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G on

Emotional speech from Harry.