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The Definitive Ranking Of Jennifer Lawrence's On-Screen Love Interests

They produced Oscar-worthy magic in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and ‘American Hustle’ – but now things are getting a bit more epic for Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

From Jennifer and Bradley to Meg and Tom: Hollywood's hottest on-screen couples

Marlene Dietrich by Jack Shallit & Barker Davis. This was an experimental photograph said to be first color portrait of Dietrich.

Marlene Dietrich cigarette card. She was a long time smoker, famed for her languid way of blowing smoke, but she eventually quit cigarettes in her later years.

Wo Stars wie Marlene Dietrich drehten und lebten: Filmstudio Babelsberg

Josef von Sternberg and Marlene on the set of "The Blue Angel." The white top hat was her idea, a look from her cabaret act.