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Cat Art To Admire And Enjoy Humans have a long standing relationship with cats. They influence our lives in big ways (and sometimes completely run our lives). It’s only natural that we’d enjoy pictures of them. Here is some cat art for y

Snow leopards these are very rare now and some bastards would kill them for their fur and wear them regardless of the fact they are driving this wonderful cat to extinction - DON'T WEAR REAL FUR SAVE LIVES

Cats are such beautiful creatures. They are composed, independent,  spontaneous, easily amused, and complex to the point where they are not complex. They sleep over 18 hours a day and constantly eat. They are lithe, elegent, intellectual forms of matter that can be their own identity. Have you actually seen a cat give a shit? The life of a cat must be liberating.  When they love you, they tell you. They also tell you if they hate you in their own manner. I admire the cats freedom and…

"Cat vs. Internet." Although, my cat would likely just vomit in the middle of the floor to get my attention. Ah, the joys of cats. ~Kelsey #kelseyhough