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Explore Pregnant 1St, Pregnant Read and more! She got pregnant 1st time at 45 -- She had never had a baby. Then - at 45 years old - she got pregnant. Read more: My grandmother had her last baby when she was 45 years old, and since that was my father, I'm glad she did! Stock Photo credit: semlibeert

I want you to know that my cousin had never had a baby. Then, at age 45 she got pregnant! She delivered a healthy baby girl at age 46 naturally. Don't give up! I am 43 years old (turning 44 in 2 months, yikes) and almost 13 weeks pregnant. I will be 44 and 5 months when the baby is born. Stock Photo credit: musaid

* 56 yr. old delivered successfully* -- I never assume a woman over 50 years old isn't pregnant, as the last call was from a 56 year old woman who sustained an unassisted pregnancy. Read more:

* Over 40 Pregnancies - with their own eggs* -- Right now, on another fertility forum, there are currently about sixteen women who are pregnant and over 40 years old. Read more:

* I had my 46th birthday on August 31 and have almost a month left in this pregnancy. We weren't expecting this baby at all and were a little upset at first until we realized what a real miracle it is for me to be pregnant in the first place. Stock Photo credit: bonesdog

* Due to deliver at 44 years old* -- I delivered my beautiful daughter at age 40 after 3.5 years of trying, and I am pregnant at 43 years old. I am due to deliver at 44 years old. Stock Photo credit: Banki

* Acupuncture helps pregnancy at 46* -- One of these doctors was telling me today, that in the past year they have had at least two live births of 46 year olds and one 48 years old got pregnant... Stock Photo credit: samplediz