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Bulk Top Drilled Beach Stones Small Pebbles 18 psc by Sisyen, ₪57.00

Please like my video, it only takes a second. Visit my youtube channel at and subscribe. Thanks. This video teaches basic Electricity for kids. Very educational film showing kids how electricity works. A wonderful film in the usual excellently produced manner of the State College of Iowa which has produced...

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Montessori Toddler Work 15 to 20 months

Montessori toddler work 15 to 20 months. Easy ideas for Montessori toddlers.

Inexpensive and easy craft that even 18 month olds can do! - Craft #1 - need cotton balls, black and white construction paper, hole punch, ribbon, glue

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Introducing Sorting: Teaching Young Toddlers

Introducing Sorting: Teaching Young Toddlers - a first lesson in sorting with a 16 month old! Learn tips and tricks for introducing sorting to toddlers

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Fun Simple DO-ABLE Activities for 18 to 24 Month Old Toddlers

Activities for 18 to 24 Months what my toddler loves from

Quiet activities for two year olds - threading cardboard beads

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21 Rules All Toddlers Live By

Kind of worked with my 18 month old

Married Mama Melissa: 18 - 24 Month Toddler "Curriculum"

Hammering: golf tees, hammer, and florist foam (I've found that florist foam works better than regular Styrofoam because it holds out longer and the foam doesn't chip off and fall everywhere).