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One Good Dog is an excellent book about a pitbull dog who rescued the off-track who is supposed to be rescuing the dog. One Good Dog is a heart-tugging - if indeed melodramatic- novel about two recoverers. One is a modern day Icarus, Adam March, who...

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I honestly feel that my "Rescue-ed" dog is grateful and appreciative for his new life. He is a gift.

Helen Keller Birthplace

Tuscumbia, AL - Ivy Green is the name for the childhood home of Helen Keller. The house was built in 1820 and is a simple white clapboard house. The actual well pump where Helen Keller first communicated with Anne Sullivan is located here. The property includes the cottage where Keller was born and the house where she spent her early childhood.

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My rhea had a heart so big and full of love - I will miss her.