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The role of cognitions and emotions in the music-approach-avoidance behavior relationship

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Organize a Self-Serve Creativity Zone

check out this selfconfidence website -

check out this selfconfidence website -

Why Does Music Make Us Feel? A new study demonstrates the power of music to alter our emotional perceptions of other people By Mark Changizi

Music and Emotion Living apart together: a relationship between music psychology and music therapy

A comparison of the discrete and dimensional models of emotion in music

Social-emotional development benefits :: On the whole, young children who spend time singing, playing, and moving with other children are better prepared to be confident and self-aware, build positive relationships with peers, and get the best out of the learning environments and opportunities that life will bring them…just one of the many reasons that Kindermusik is so much more than music!

In testing out the newer Facebook question feature, I thought it would be interesting to step away from corporate marketing and ask our network about personal brand marketing and the tools that have been the most effective. With hundreds of millions of people active on social networks world wide, there have been more than a few “brandividuals” spawned through the social web.

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Building Your Personal Brand With Social Media

The Internet has become an incredible resource for developing your career, networking, job searching and more. No longer are we only given the opportunity to show employers who we are through a one-page resume. In 2010, we can create our own website, blog, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile and more.

Here's the thing. You are dope! You know your ish. The problem is, other people are busy doing their thing and may not see your dopeness. What if one day the essence of your dopeness is what can help them with a question, problem or need. They need what you're good at but they don't know enough about you (or don't know you at all).