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Read further down to see the construction process of this family's rocket mass heater

Rocket stove with heated bench.

Thermal Mass Rocket Stove with heated bench, planning on making a tank with a back wall "mass heater" to keep temps higher in the winter for the fish

how-to video about cob rocket stove

Build a Rocket Stove Mass Heater with Homemade Mortar & Cob

Rocket Stove Mass Heater Bench with Tiles, Firebox and Combusional Chamber

Burning Pellets in a Rocket Mass Heater (rocket stoves forum at permies) Built Fall 2012 for use in a greenhouse.

After a few prototypes, a few burns, and singeing the hair off of my hands, here's my solution to burning pellets in a rocket mass heater.

Just heard about 'rocket stoves' through 'Green Energy Futures'. Low tech (can build yourself), hyper efficient wood burning with an attached cob bench that stores heat.

A conventional heat stove requires that you constantly feed wood into it to generate constant heat. The differences with using a rocket mass heater are much more efficient. A rocket…

Beautiful! I want this as a rocket stove with cob! Surely I could pretty it up with tile like this!

Rocket Mass Heater: stove, bench with cob house! ~ while very beautiful this isn't one I'd want in my house

Image detail for -Rocket Stove (Like this idea for building a heated bed/bench area while maximizing fuel efficiency

the best part about rocket stoves in the house is that they can also be used as thermal mass heaters, in this case a bench. This would be so cozy in winter, yes?

Rocket stove thermal mass heater. In French. | Formation autoconstruction dun poêle de masse de type rocket stove |

Stage d’auto-construction d’un poêle de masse, le rocket-stove