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With Valentine’s Day – aka The Day Single People Hate – coming up next week, there’s no better time than now to reevaluate your love life and step up your dating game.

Kimberly Seltzer talks with a lot of women in her practice and has found that many women cringe at the word flirt and have a lot of excuses and fears around it. Here Are the Top 5 Excuses Women Make When It Comes to Flirting and How to Overcome Them...

Are You Realistic About The Person You're Dating?

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The Other ‘C’ Word

The Other ‘C’ Word? - Want to know what Dr. Ish Major, One of America's Top Psychiatrists, Author and Dating Expert says is one of guys’ biggest fears when it comes to dating? It's the dreaded ‘C’ word. Not that one...the OTHER one. Read on for more... #commitment #clinginess #dating #advice

Text the Romance Back tip: The cool thing about the word “imagine” is that it’s pretty much impossible to say it to someone without causing their brain to do a little hiccup and start trying to think what you’re thinking about.

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Women Are Shocked By This: What “Love” Truly Means To A Man . . . And How To Know If He “Loves” You For Good

In this article, I reveal the devastating difference between what the word “Love” means to women versus men . . . Why asking a man if he “Loves” you often leads to ruin. . . And I teach you 7 simple-but-powerful questions that tell you if a man truly Loves you or if he’s just using you!

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flirting With a Man

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flirting With a Man - Do you lack confidence when flirting with guys? Do you often struggle to find the right words or feel more awkward than sexy while attempting to flirt? If so, then read on because this article by Jasbina Ahluwalia is for you! #howtoflirt #relationships #advice #dating

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What Does It Mean When "Friends Flirt" and How Should You Handle It

What Does It Mean When “Friends Flirt” and How Should You Handle It? - We're all a little flirty but what does it mean when your friends flirt with you and how should you handle it? Debra Yuska of Super Savvy Gal gives you the low-down. #flirting #flirtingwithfriends #friendswithbenefits #FWB