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from Lifehacker

5 Security Holes Almost Everyone's Vulnerable To

Apple may have finally added two-factor authentication, but a new exploit is putting Apple IDs at risk that two-factor authentication can't necessarily fix. Here's what you need to know.

You should have these five tools to protect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts Social media has taken the world by storm thro

from Forbes

The 11 Most Invaluable Apps For Business Travelers

As a former event planner I know all about to-do lists, and that it's often very hard to find a to-do list app that perfectly matches your style. I’ve given a close look to the most promising options out there and compiled a list of my favorites.

There have been numerous security breaches of databases at large companies with account information like email addresses and account passwords stolen. A really big one was at Adobe. If you want to know if one of your accounts has been compromised, there is a way to check if your email address occurs on the list of stolen accounts for these five big break-ins:...Read More

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Why Apple Pay May Not Be as Secure as You Think

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Create a backup Windows 8 installer (before it's too late)

Few users remember to take this important step, which can really save the day if your computer gets hosed.

from CNET

Stop using Microsoft's IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn

In a rare move, the Homeland Security Department's Computer Emergency Readiness Team says to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can plug a critical security hole.