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Photo 301 of 365 Zac Hanson 2012 - Tonight Recording Sessions, 3CG Studios - Tulsa OK Zac is rocking a backwards hat in this quiet moment in the studio while recording an album contender, the song "Tonight". Zac is working on some kind of notes here, what is on his notebook page? (Be creative) #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 140 of 365 Zac Hanson 2008 - Fools Banquet - Tulsa OK Zac looks pretty relaxed in this moment during one of our Fools Banquet songwriting retreats. Zac holds the record at Fools for most songs written in one day - how many did he write? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 211 of 365 Tayor & Zac Hanson 2012 - 3CG Studios - Tulsa OK In this pic Taylor and Zac are working on music for the No Sleep For Banditos Fan Club EP. What song from the EP do you think they are working on? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 295 of 365 Hanson and the DD Dliwayo School Choir 2006 - The Walk Recording - Soweto, South Africa This pic captures one of the greatest moments in the making of any of our records. Here we are working with children from Soweto, who joined us to sing on several songs on The Walk record. Are there songs on other HANSON records that you would like to hear with a choir? Tell us what they are? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 120 of 365 HANSON 2010 - Shout It Out Recording - Los Angeles CA Here's a picture from the Shout It Out recording sessions. What song do you think we are recording Claps for? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 318 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2012 - Writing Studio Album #6 - El Paso TX In this shot Taylor is in the midst of writing lyrics for a new song on HANSON's forthcoming 6th studio album. Give us some lyric idea captions for what might be running through his mind. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 83 of 365 HANSON 2009 - Shout It Out Photo Shoot - Los Angeles CA In this shot Zac is painting the lyrics for a song on Taylor's Shirt. What song are these lyrics from? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 93 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2010 - Tulsa OK This is an admittedly mysterious looking shot of Taylor in a quiet moment at the Thinking 'Bout Somethin' video shoot. Give us a caption for the made up song he is working on. #Hanson #Hanson20th