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Photo 301 of 365 Zac Hanson 2012 - Tonight Recording Sessions, 3CG Studios - Tulsa OK Zac is rocking a backwards hat in this quiet moment in the studio while recording an album contender, the song "Tonight". Zac is working on some kind of notes here, what is on his notebook page? (Be creative) #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 283 of 365 Zac Hanson 2012 - Tracking Studio Album #6 - El Paso TX Zac, at the drums, with a handlebar mustache, really what else can we say. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 211 of 365 Tayor & Zac Hanson 2012 - 3CG Studios - Tulsa OK In this pic Taylor and Zac are working on music for the No Sleep For Banditos Fan Club EP. What song from the EP do you think they are working on? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 169 of 365 Zac Hanson 2010 - Playing drums, Shout It Out Sessions, Sunset Sound Studios - Los Angeles CA In this shot Zac is at the drums between drum takes. Give us a caption for what Zac is thinking. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 258 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2006 - The Walk Recording - Tulsa OK Taylor is in the studio working on The Walk in 2006 in this pic. Give us a caption for the comment he is about to make while producing the record. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 282 of 365 Keyboards at 3CG Studios 2012 - Tulsa OK This is a shot of some of the vintage keys at 3CG studios taken by Taylor last year. Who knows the unique kind of speaker cabinet used with the B3 organ (shown here)? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 291 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2012 - Sixth Studio Album Sessions - El Paso TX This is a shot of Taylor deep in the moment working on music for the forthcoming album during the basic tracking sessions. What would you imagine is the most fun period in album making (musicians jump in here). #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 322 of 365 Taylor Hanson 2012 - Working on Studio Album #6 - El Paso TX In this shot, Taylor is taking a break in between songwriting and pre-production at a residence on the Sonic Ranch Studios' compound. Who has guesses for the general vibe of the new record? #Hanson #Hanson20th