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Make a free custom log book for geocaching events. Just fill in the event information and then download & print the generated PDF. http://islandbuttons.com/geocachelogbook/event.html

Make a cache log with a film canister. I want to do this!

How to make homemade trackable geocaching items FOR FREE! 1. Pick out an item with a at least one flat surface. 2. Sign In at Geotrackable.org and go to QR Code Generator. 3. Download ZIP file with...

@geocacherscott Enjoyed this cheeky puzzle cache inside a library this lunch time, very nicely done #geocaching #library

What's in my geocaching bag? Maybe you'll see something in my bag and think of adding it to yours. If you comment on the article I might find something I should add to my bag.

original pinner: "Here are some of my latest interesting geoswag finds. Mostly some fun signature items. Then there's the Mississauga Library coin that's neato cool. Wish I knew more about the coin, especially why ..."

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