"No matter what happens around us, or to us, through love, our soul reaches immortality conquering all dimensions and destinies." Akaiane Kramarik

This one grabs me. Passed it twice but I keep coming back. Have a feeling pro photographers do this more than we think. A rare honesty in her face.

haha! (okay, is it just me or does this little guy look like a teeny-tiny Leo Dicaprio?)

Sarah Moon first captured the world's attention as a stunning, young fashion model in Paris in the free-wheeling 1960s. She also greatly enjoyed photographing her friends in the fashion world during their free time.

<3 Become a master of the pause ~ whether saying grace before a meal or taking a few quiet unrushed breaths before a meeting or phone call ~ Find pause breaks during your day to reset to a relaxed rhythm ~ Listen to some classical or peaceful music ~ Learn to shift your rhythm instead of being caught in high speed all the time ~ Ask yourself what is one thing you can do to press the pause button in your life right now <3

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