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The Camping Tradition

LOL!! I like camping and this totally made me laugh!!! People constantly telling you how awesome camping is can go suck it. | 18 Things Only People Who Hate Camping Understand

Proven, my mother got out of this around 3 or 4 times. In some cases, I have just said screw it and made myself a BLT, using all of the bacon that we had ... hehe.

Yes. Because the kitchen table is a catch-all for everyone's things no matter how many times I say put your stuff away. Or backpacks are dropped right at the front door so if you're leaving or coming in, you inevitably trip over them.

Lol.I think this sometimes lol but ima Hustler!!!!!! If I WANT IT!!!!! IMA GET IT👍👍👍 WHEN I GOT IT LoL THEN IM LIKE! !!!! HELL NAH I AINT COMING IN!!!

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We feel the need to be constantly connected! Even in social settings, we want to be assured that we are getting all our 'feeds'. We habitually check our phones for 'connectivity' if we don't receive any messages or updates frequently!

Haha I wore ripped jeans today and I forgot to do this when putting them on after gym, so my toes went thru a hole and I was in the locker room like 'hope no one saw that...'