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Summer is a great time to head outdoors and look at the sky. During the day, the skies are blue and the white billowing clouds are so pretty. At night, the

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Knowing your history is fun, rewarding, and informative. The more you know, the more you grow. Miss R*EVOLutionaries

15 Ways to Not Look Like an Idiot American in Britain. Yeah, I know - but it's hard not to wear my 'sneakers'!! http://www.anglotopia.net/british-identity/humor/15-way-to-not-look-and-act-like-an-idiot-american-in-britain/

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Though the ancient Maya people wrote thousands of books, only 4 of them survived. The Maya had an advanced writing system that recorded their history for more than 800 years back, but all of their texts were burned during the Spanish conquest by...

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