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"No one else can play my part because I know what low feels like and I know how darkness can leak in and I know that there is always a light to chase. I know that words can heal and hope can rise and that we can wash the dark stains from our day." #NoOneElse14 #WSPD14 #NSPW14

I wrote a poem once that this shirt almost exactly mirrors, how important it is to be a lover And a fighter, to stand up for what you believe is right and do what needs to be done to make a change.  This week, this rad and inspirational new @sevenly shirt is giving DOUBLE for every single donation and sale towards the charity, and it’s a charity absolutely worth fighting for.  The Invisible Girl Project is fighting gendercide every single day in India, rescues and helps care for Indian gi…

It’s officially the holidays and that means that the first thing on every single person’s agenda should be giving and giving and then giving some more.  I think giving is what makes this holiday season in particular so amazing, the ability to spread the love all over the place in so many different ways.  That’s why I’m happy to showcase another amazing charity local to Los Angeles called Povertees today.  After they reached out and I researched their mission, providing homeless people in Los…

Working with @sevenly over the past few months has been such a gift.  The ability to play a part, no matter how small a part it actually is, in changing the world one charity at a time has been absolutely beautiful.  The point is, changing the world DOES need volunteers, and you can be a part of it too! By purchasing a product on their site every week, you can help change the world too. Click the link in @sevenly’s Instagram bio to get a product like this shirt that’s stylish & makes a diff…

Our World Suicide Prevention Day packs have started making their way to folks all over the world. We are grateful for the support of @YaelAverbuch. Yael is a daughter, a sister, a writer, a friend, and she's also one of the best soccer players in the world. No one else can play her part. #NoOneElse14 #WSPD14 #NSPW14

World Suicide Prevention Day packs are now available in the TWLOHA Online Store. Each pack comes with a shirt, bracelet, 11" x 17" poster print & 15 #NoOneElse14 info cards. There is also the option of a girls sleeveless shirt. -- #WSPD14 #NSPW14

I love when your feet take you to strange places on long traveling days. Going to sleep in one state and then eating lunch in another. Haunted cemeteries on late summer evenings and wandering paths by national monuments. Life can be as fun as you allow it, just say Yes. #tylerknott

Our lives, when broken down and simplified, are a menagerie of moments. They are a myriad of memories and when we stumble tired and weary up to Death’s door, ready to knock, all that matters is the moments and memories that meander through our minds. What we see and what gets remembered becomes the light bursting through the dark clouds of our passing. Make memories, more moments, but make them with me.

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