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I Rock and Roll - Cassette Tape Music by RestlessSoul

I Rock and Roll - Cassette Tape Music by RestlessSoul

tapes ~ I had a shoebox filled with my tapes (made from holding holding the tape recorder up to radio or tv)

cassette tapes ~ I had a lot of mix tapes, many that I made from holding the tape recorder up to radio.

printable tags Door tags! Quick, just print 'em out and write the names :)

Mix tape drawings- free printable- use for gift tags! by Cart Before the Horse

The lost art of cassette tape spines

The lost art of cassette tape spines

The Lost Art of Cassette Design by Steve. I remember spending hours hitting "play+record" making mix tapes & drawing the sleeves during the tracks. A well planned & decorated tape was always gratefully received by your mates.

I phone case...I have this case and people are always asking me why I am carrying a cassette tape around

Here is the iPhone Cassette Cover ! A great iPhone cover with a oldschool cassette shape. This gadget come with the cassette box, which can be used as a built-in stand.

80s cassettes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I remember these! My totally awesome, recorded from the radio, mix tapes were on these very colorful, style cassette tapes!" And today's child will NEVER know the dedication it took to make a mixed tape lok

Old School

I remember becoming quite an expert at using a pencil to get the tape back in! It was upsetting though if the tape became crinkled at an important part of the song you'd taped from the radio!

Ahhh many a mix tape did I make on these! I would wait diligently by my little purple radio for my favorite song to come on so I could record it!

memorex casette tapes~love the colors. Used to make mix tapes for all my friends.

Cassettes, taping the top 40 off the radio.

Tape Crackers

Taking a look back at some of our favorite vintage things: cassette tapes. Remember the days of a mix tape?