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Jean Pierre Reijnen fotograaf, fotojournalist - YouTube. Profiel documentaire short. Concept, interview, Camera en edit door Adriaan Albers

Gorilla CAF has a large international network. Whit various assignments. in this case a live web stream for Canadian doctors organization. Gorilla CAF provide the camera crew and technical advice.

Cubiss, realisatie van meer camera regie en live high end video stream on The internet. On the spot social media strategie tijdens het live broadcasten.

from Vimeo

Registration Citroën Presentation Amsterdam 2014

Citroën Presentation Amsterdam, Technische realisatie van de 6 weken durende presentatie. Verantwoordelijk voor de technische op en afbouw op 2 locaties, Amsterdam en Schiphol. Het leveren van Crew leden. En camera ploegen voor internationale journalisten.

Meet Magento, more camera control conference speakers. Gorilla caf, more camera control, techniques and live stream technology and social media promotion

Plans announced for deeper convergence by the Renault-Nissan Alliance could lead to further integration of supply chain management. For this announcement all international CEO had come to Amsterdam. Gorilla CAF provided for 3 days, the camera crew

Meet Magento Video report of the annual event "measurement Magento 2013" in the Netherlands. Specially for this year, there were international speakers. Such as: Yoav Kutner, Roy Rubin, Tom Robertshaw, Stewart Townsend, Piotr Kaminski, Darren Belding, Maksy Mpronko and Jimmy Duvall. Gorilla CAF production, facilities and the technical realization of the recording.

Video short Storytelling, HRdus a company which reduces houses to zero power and gas. Gorila CAF Concept, production and promotion