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Bundaberg - An Australian root beer. The flavor had a heavy licorice overtone to it. I imagine that if I was Australian I would have loved it but it didn't fit my American idea of root beer.

https://flic.kr/p/tTdKu9 | Glancing at the stars | We're at home for TT week but that doesn't mean we've been entirely idle. After rooting about in the garage we came across some boards and we thought we might as well give them a new lease of life. As is sometimes our preferred route of creation we decided to just attack the boards with no particular plan in mind and see what revealed itself. As in most cases when we don't have a plan we somehow ended up painting a girl. There's no need to…

his is a virgin drink named Island fruit smoothie. It consists of a blend of pineapple, mango, strawberry, and coconut. You have to try it! By far the most delicious smoothie we’ve tasted! Not too sweet, just perfect! The menu has a great list of virgin drinks that include many natural ingredients with no added preservatives/fructose etc. We also ordered a root beer soda – it was lightly carbonated, not too sweet, it went down real smooth (for a soda), and I’d say the best part of it all…

Blue Dog makes #3 on the Best Sports Bars in LA list according to LA Weekly ​3. Blue Dog: Blue Dog in Sherman Oaks is the kind of place that somehow seems to attract exclusively nice people. Of all the sports bars we visited, its patrons were the most welcoming, and the most excited to chat about the game no matter which sport was on or which side we were rooting for. We've been know to support some unpopular teams, including whoever is playing against the teams in Purple or Red and Gold…

Root Beer Pork Chops | "We've made this recipe a few times now and it is one of our favorites! My one tip is to use a good bottled root beer that has a good bite to it."

back of each letter. Every time your class has perfect attendance place a letter in the pan. You decide what rewards to give to your class when you complete the word “Perfect Attendance”. At my school, we have rewarded with going to the park across the street (the BIG park), We've had root beer floats, ice-cream parties, movie and popcorn….. Whatever makes it special for your class is great! -Teaching by the Beach

Spring Grove Root Beer - this stuff is really good. We actually have really liked almost every single flavor of Spring Grove soda that we've tried. It's amazing and we are so excited to have constant access to it when we get back to Wisconsin. MN makes some good root beers!

We are so addicted to root beer that we decided to make it at home! This homemade root beer is to die for, extremely healthy & packed with probiotics.

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