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I'm not a proctologist, but I know an asshole when I see one.

someday when we are 90 or so after the retirement age stopped being raised for the "worker bees" we might be able to sleep in.....But by then we won't be able to sleep.....T

I don't like morning people. or mornings. or people. Made me laugh, but I actually like all of these things.


A friend asks if you'd like a little wine. A real friend asks if you'd like a little wine, then fills the glass to the rim.

Haha yep!

Just when I think my son is a little carbon copy of his father.That he inherited nothing from me. He trips over his own feet and slams into a wall. I say to myself.ah.there I am. Haha, so true!

I don't live in the South, but I think this all time!!! I want one so bad but cannot live without my ceiling fan!!

ceiling fans in the south! I can attest For this I have a chandelier in my room and we have a floor fan

haha... down to an art.

“The art of smile & nod when all you wanted was to punch them in the face” This is my life lesson of the day. Print by Wasted Rita