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Violet / leather

LEATHER – ROSEWOOD – VIOLET “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” - Mark Twain

BITTER ROSE, BROKEN SPEAR Aromatic materials from the lands of the Red Branch knights and their travels to prehistoric Scotland – smelted iron, larchwood, thistle – emboldened with bitter rose and amber.

OLO x Bridge & Burn Black Lodge

Black Lodge by Olo // bitter orange, lavender, juniper berry, evergreen, birch, labdanum

The original soapy scent that started it all--unpretentious, simple, CLEAN. Inspired by soap, this scent is perfect for women who don’t want to smell like a particular note or fragrance but enjoy crisp, subtle scents. The fragrance opens with a bright burst of freshness and dries down to a simply CLEAN scent

OLO Dark Wave

JASMINE – LEMON – ROSE – SANDALWOOD Nationale is a gallery/shop in Portland. This scent was created in collaboration with owner, May Barruel. Like the old world rose soaps in her shop, it smells like a perfume from another time and place.