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St Mary's Primrose Hill, Hampstead | by Vitrearum (Allan Barton). t Mary's Primrose Hill, Hampstead Percy Dearmer the author of the Parson's Handbook was vicar of St Mary's for over a decade at the beginning of the 20th century. The church still follows the principles of the 'English Use' that Dearmer introduced. This is the high altar. The reredos is by G F Bodley, but was altered under Dearmer's direction. In accordance with medieval English precedent only two candles are placed on the…

Das Heilige Meßopfer by Immaculata Helvetia, via Flickr ALTAR LINEN. In addition to the frontal of silk, which hangs on hooks on the front face of the altar, there are four cloths which belong to the top. They will be described in the order in which they are placed, as shown in Fig. 12. The dust cover is described separately.

Altares Mágicos Cura = mesa de cura se pode colocar um manto de algodão ou linho branco, e os objetos ritualísticos sobre o altar são: 1 livro sagrado aberto (Bíblia, Alcorão, Bhagavad Gita, Pistis Sophia etc.), vasos c/ flores, 1 crucifixo, objetos representando os Elementos da Natureza (veja os símbolos ao final), azeite d oliva e sal (em 2 pequenos recipientes, 1 ao lado do outro), 1 candelabro portando velas coloridas e perfumadas (c/ exceção das velas pretas, marrons, cinza e outras…

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allaboutmary: A late 19th century holy card of Mary as the Immaculate Conception.

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Orphrey bands on altar frontal