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In "Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology," Ayn Rand states her revolutionary theory of concepts; transcripts of invaluable epistemology workshops she conducted are also included. Topics covered include: What qualifies as an entity? How the act of abstracting is volitionally initiated. Do definitions narrow or expand as knowledge increases? How to validate induction. The meaning of "implicit concept."

This quote worked very well for the Baltimore police, and the Baltimore authority! They may not have been familiar with this Ayn Rand statement, but they were in agreement with it. THEY KNEW that if they were to bring out overbearing authority (police in full body armor regalia), on the day of the funeral of a man that was brutally murdered by police, that defiance NOT obedience, would be the response. And it would almost certainly render to them the RIOTS, they so obviously DESIRED!

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