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There are eight ways of contacting me through my phone that don't involve me having to talk to you. Use one of those.

We all have our own personal style, right? So it’s sort of funny that our style might be so apparent from the shoes we wear or how we rock our makeup, but not so much when it comes to the one thing that rarely leaves our side: Our cell phones. Of course, there are some … Read More

No matter how old, or how bad ass you think you are, when a toddler hands you their ringing toy phone, you answer it.

You see people every day when their phone rings and they look at it and put it down. When it happens to you, it makes me feel pretty shitty. It actually sucks. If you’re in a relationship and you call the person that you are with. The person that you care and love and they can’t bother to answer. And you know that their phone is always on them, so it’s like a slap in the face. Because you know that they purposely not answering the phone, and that is a shittier feeling. ...

Sorry, don't like much about the phone. Ringing, talking, messages that go on and on, people calling and hanging up when the machine picks up, recordings when you answer (who do they think they are?), surveys, political pushers, telemarketers and of course there's the folks that are "playing" with their phone constantly that urks me too! Phew, there, enough said.

My friend at school actually has one of these. It's ginormously huge yet it still fits in his man pockets! Not fair that guys have such large pockets and girls are stuck with ones that can't even hold your phone!

When someone you don’t want to talk to rings your phone, and you have wait for it to stop ringing until you can use it again. | 23 Faces That Are Way, Way Too Real In 2k15

Introvert phone rules: Dear non-introverts, Here are the rules for calling an introvert like me on the phone. Rule 1. If you just want to communicate a piece of information, send a text message instead. That’s what it’s for.

You are at work. Your phone rings. Never answer on the first or second ring. Give the caller ample time to hang up.

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