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It can be tempting to always want to show a perfect image of ourselves and our organizations. But when used appropriately there is an opportunity in the unscripted, behind the scenes moments to show our individual personalities and humanize an organization.

These Disney Movie Moments Confirm Our Irrational Fears | Oh, Snap! | Oh My Disney

Iconic Sitcom Moments That Will Still Make You Howl Doris' salad - 'Gavin And Stacey' Doris was always greatly underused in 'Gavin And Stacey' in our humble opinion, but she is still responsible for our favourite ever scene.

As technology shrinks the world around us, it becomes more and more difficult to find ourselves truly lost in the outdoors. This makes those particular moments and scenes that much more special. Getting to the Diving Board was quite a challenge, as there is no official trail. For anybody who is prepared, careful, and respectful of nature, the reward is one of the most breathtaking views in all of Yosemite, in my opinion

THINK BLUE: 40 years ago today #RickMonday saves an American flag from being burnt on the field by protesters. This moment will always be remembered as being bigger than baseball. We may be a nation divided on our opinions but that's what makes this nation great. If you love your country of course you would want to perfect it but burning what the flag stands for does nothing to further improve this great nation. On top of all that I love how #VinScully was able to announce these scene in way…

#question for @lyvimar: What advice do you have for other women in the industry? #answer: I would say never be afraid to share what is on your mind. I think there are many occasions where we want to be nice or we dont want to get in someones face or have someone get upset with what we have to say but I think there are things that we still need to change in this industry for women and the only way we can do it is by being vocal ourselves and encouraging other people to be vocal and hold…

Open from May to October, the Seaside Cave Restaurant at Hotel Grotta Palazzese in the town of Polignano a Mare in southern Italy promises unique dining. Naturally lit by the aqua marine reflectionfrom the waters, the summer cavern has been the scene of many a romantic moments since local nobility held banquets here in the 1700s. We read some of the reviews of this hotel and it seems people share different opinions regarding their stay. However, everyone seems to agree on two things: the…

The "Rifki" scene in Midnight Express is still one of the greatest freakout moments ever captured in cinema in my opinion. Davis's frustration and anger are so real and its easy to understand why as an audience spoilers nsfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RbUdJcxhhg #timBeta

Are there any Travel Team fans that live in India at the moment and would like to visit Thailand in the near future? We ask about it, because a new trip have been published on our website by a user called Indianfob4u. This traveler is looking for a female companion. Any of You is willing to take a chance? Please check it out: http://travel-team.info/trips/thailand-trip-december-2013-138. #Thailand. A typical living room scene from a regular family. love this pic .

RELATIONSHIP RANT: The importance of overhauling yours in 2016 Do you panic about a boy's night out? Constantly scanning for messages or keeping an eye on FB? In it because you're comfortable & it's easy? Are you bored? Typical warning signs something isn't right! Trust in my humble opinion is the number one rule to a healthy relationship. When I was 16-17 my first bf cheated & I was devastated! From then I became insecure had no trust and did the typical pyscho girlfriend things like…

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