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If You Betray Your Oath To The Constitution.You Should Be Fired.

This could take care of the fiscal cliff.

pixelsShould Obama Reveal His Inner Pissed-Off President? With a government shut-down looming, it might be time for the chief executive to tell voters what he really thinks of the House Republicans. —By David Corn

right from the horse's mouth!  "The Marxist professors" ... those words should make your blood run cold ~ then look at who he associated himself with, to start Bill Ayers, 1960's terrorist/Weather Underground/radical & Communist!  EDUCATE YOURSELFS PEOPLE ... YOUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT!

The Marxist Professors! This shows where his heart lies. His belief in Communism and Radicals.

controlling the people, they are using some immigrants for retraining paramilitary, internal, to fire on citizens.

the WRONG people are in charge of decision making - obvi there is a hidden agenda here

The President is not exempt from the law, he can be legally arrested for the same reasons as any other person in the United States. (The Supreme Court so found. The Supreme Court decreed that the President was not exempted from the laws that applied to all citizens.)   http://www.ontheissues.org/askme/arrest.htm   READ IT AND WEEP mr... prez

Never happen under our current corrupt federal justice system!

those crazy tea partiers!!

Have you heard about the Tea Party conspiracy? They want to take over, stop stealing our money, restore our liberty, and then leave everybody alone.

O asks, O begs!! Get out of OUR White House!!!

Obama is a muslim, he's probably really pissed right now!

Let's teach our children, the future leaders of America, the true history of this great country and its founders.  May hearts turn back to the God who has protected us thus far.  May our pleas for God to bless America be followed by a sincere heart of gratitude for the freedoms and privileges we have.

I don't either! Let's continue to pray for our great nation America!