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Творог 1 кг 31 грн. (Куликівка молоко) Киев - изображение 2

Know the Basics | 16 Tips for Raising Goats | Beginners Guide to Livestock - Homesteading Ideas by Survival Life at

Everything you need to know before you buy goats.

from Pioneer Settler

Raising Goats For Profit

Check out Raising Goats For Profit [Chapter 9] Raising Goats at

from Pioneer Settler

What Do Goats Eat? Raising Goats

The Best Food For Goats | How To Raise Animals by Pioneer Settler at

To avoid being overwhelmed and disappointed, it's a good idea to carefully identify your purpose before getting Nigerian Dwarf goats. Here are some tips

from Local Roots Farm

Small Farm Equipment Review Part II – The Jang Seeder


The how to of milking a goat, learning to, create a positive experience, milk, when it goes wrong, problems with, territorial, negative associations, doe, doelings, raising kids,