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[ fc: gabby epstein ] "hiya! i'm isabelle, but you can call me izzy. i'm 16 years old and single. i'm not a patient here, just a pre-med student. but i'm always here to help, so if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here! i have two siblings here, mikey and lily, and my brother is a doctor here. so yeah, come say hi." i smile.

Aspire White Sky Lanterns, Wishing Lanterns (Wholesale Lot)

Quebec's 'dying with dignity' law would set new standards

Members of the Quebec national assembly are expected to vote as early as this week on legislation that would allow medical aid in dying.

Cobourg This is not the best photo of the Woodlawn, there are better ones on their site. It does, however, give a good idea as to the proportions of the building. This Regency high style building was once a residence!!! It has been completely restored and is now one of the finest inns in Ontario. Along with many others across the province, this inn is an example of how our built heritage can be a useful and, indeed, wonderful part of our heritage. The rooms are lovely and the food is…

What Does Your Lip Print Say About You?According to Certified Lipsologist Anna Snodgrass, certain lip features help to identify a lot about your personality and your health. Take your own lip print and match it to one of these eight traits to learn what your lips say about you.

Slit House by Atelier Zhanglei

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SEE IT: Doctors save man’s severed hand by attaching it to his ankle

Another remarkable case: In a photo taken September 2013, 22-year-old Xiaolian displays the new nose doctors constructed on his forehead after he lost his original nose due to infection. Dir nwpr 12h

Brain Scans and Blood Draws Provide Clues to Depression Treatment

The Search for the Best Depression Treatment Brain scans, blood samples, and other diagnostic tests could one day direct doctors to the best treatments for depression patients and uncover the biological basis of the condition.